Delivery Robots

The commercial delivery robot makes an accurate indoor delivery of dishes, fruits, and other items for commercial purposes, widely applied in restaurant and hotel. The robotic waiter brings the work to a high level, and they can be a good tool to help the weiter with the low-value and repetitive works in the restaurant. This gorgeous-looking waiter can bring more success to your business.


  • Accurate delivery
  • Autonomous navigation and positioning
  • Mapping and path planning
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • Dedicated work, relentlessly and whole-heartedly
  • Long working hours
  • Never ask for salaries and allowances


  • Reduce costs of loborer and management
  • Attract more eye catches
  • Increase customer interactions and experience
  • Low capital investment
  • Increase the working efficiency
  • Promote the social marketing of the business
  • Never pay salaries


Restaurant, hotel, office, events and other places need delivery man.