What is Kolmedrobots KR80 ?

It is a autonomous disinfection robot which kills viruses and bacterias.

Which disinfection methods are used by KR80 ?

KR80 has double effective disinfection method. Those are short wave UVC ultraviolet lamps and disinfectant atomizers kill bacterias and viruses.

UVC lamp disinfection and disinfectant atomizers disinfection could be operated sparely ?

Yes, these two functions could be operated sparely. The users are able to just use single disinfection progress.

How KR80 does the disinfection progress ?

The route maps of KR80 are constructed by operators independently. The artificial intelligent avoids objects and independently completed disinfection tasks then go back for automatic charging.

Why UVC lamp disinfection ?

Short wave UVC ultraviolet
sterilization lamp directly destruct DNA, RNA, proteins in bacterial virus cells, resulting in direct cell death and inability to reproduce.

Why dry fog disinfection ?

When the average diameter of droplets is less than 10um, the spray fog can be called “dry”. The “dry fog” of hydrogen peroxide disinfectant has no aggregation, and can be dispersed in the space where sterilization is needed, so as to achieve better sterilization effect.

How many hours could KR80 be operated continuously ?

It could be operated for 8 hours continuously with single charge.

What is the feet rate for KR80 ?

Feet rate is 1mt/second in normal conditions on smooth surfaces.

Is KR80 safe during the operation ?

KR80 is an advanced technology robot which has artificial intelligently. It is able avoid objects to prevent bumping.

Which disinfectants are used for KR80 ?

KR80 has 15 liters disinfectant tank capacity. We do suggest to use following disinfectants; hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, peracetic acit.

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